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1) Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media 

2) Reuters productizes social media through Social PulseNieman Journalism Lab

3) “Writer Alex Leo has nimbly detected the fact that it’s not just the New York Post; and Huffington Post that have headlines you can call from a mile away. The New York Times is equally as guilty.” —  Mediabistro

4) “Because of Nora Ephron, yes, there is the Nora Ephron problem, but there are also dozens of frank, funny, unapologetic women writers such as Alex Leo and Alyssa Rosenberg and Emily Yoffe, living by Ephron’s immortal comment, passed down by her parents, that no matter what happens in life, ‘it’s all material.’” — Columbia Journalism Review

5) Highlights from the Newsweek Staff’s Reddit AMA - Mediabistro

6) The Complete Guide to Funny Startup GeneratorsBetaBeat

7) Why Won’t Sexist Advertising Go Away?Jezebel

8) “Great interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone in Huffington Post about the politics of ‘South Park.’” — The Hollywood Reporter

9) The State of the Union Drinking GameFeministe

10) “Wonderful blog about ‘The Four Kinds of New York Times Headlines' by Alex Leo” — The Independent 

11) Alex Leo on New YorkBlackBook

12) What to Read on a Stormy WeekendThe Paris Review

13) Ron Swanson Eating Meat Is The Best Thing On The Internet TodayUproxx

14) ”As Alex Leo writes so beautifully at Jezebel:

"Huh. What we gather here is that ABC, which is the home of new femme-sploitation shows Pan Am and Charlie’s Angels, seems to think that hazelnuts were invented by women to castrate dudes."

Bitch Magazine

15) Feminist bloggers take issue with Mackenzie Phillips’ claim of “consensual” sex with her dadSalon

16) Alex Leo’s Ron Swanson Birthday Party Was Probably Better Than Your Ron Swansonless Birthday Party — UPROXX


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